It begins like this…

•January 4, 2007 • Leave a Comment

You learn so many things as you grow up. Good things, bad things or sometimes things that can literally be so mind-boggling to think about. This blog is a place where one likes to share so many things in life. Perhaps it may or may not interest you, but it is your call to proceed reading this blog as time goes by.

In this small little world, one has found that there is something, which is indeed interesting to share with – the talent in translating a fantasy into words. Fantasies can be of so many things. Well, when you say fantasy, many people will associate fantasising with the act of sexuality. Some people might not relate or refer it that way, but let us ask you this question, when you fantasise about something does it ever occur to you that while you’re doing it, somewhere or another an act of sexuality just crosses your mind? Or when someone saw you fantasising, clearly they will ask you: “What you’re fantasising about? Anything saucy and hot?”

This blog is all about one’s fantasy, one’s sexual fantasy – not one or two but loads! Enjoy it while you can!